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Where dinosaurs are real!

In Drumheller, located 135km from Calgary, we find a unique tourist attractions, for example, the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  This museum is known world-wide for their collection of dinosaur fossils.  They are currently housing over 125,000 fossil of different specimen.

The Canadian Badlands is a place of ancient history, even before humans. It impresses everyone who passes by, one way or another. This region is the ground where the dinosaur fossils were found, are still to be discovered. During our visit, we will visit the Hoodoos,  pillars of rock. These rocks used to be bigger and thicker, but because of mechanical weathering, the rocks are worn down to what it is today. The visible hoodoos are just a small part of what they actually are. They are connected to the sedimentary rock that covers 95% of Alberta.

In the early 1900s, it was discovered that there was a vein of coal in Drumheller. This lead to a huge economic boost in Drumheller until World War II, when they discovered petroleum in other parts of Alberta. We will take our trip the Atlas Coal Mine Museum, one of the only standing coal mines. We can take a tour deep inside the mine to know and learn how important coal was in Drumheller, and to the Canadian economy.

We will also pass through the Rosedale Suspension Bridge, which is 117m long. This bridge crosses the Red Deer River. This bridge was built in 1931 for the use of miners traveling from place to place.

Before we finish our trip, we will stop at Horseshoe Canyon. It got its name because the canyon looks like a horseshoe. A big, 10 km one.

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A full day trip - about 9 hours

We will pick you up about 8:AM and drop you off at your hotel about 5:PM 


Price: $135.00 per person 


It includes transportation and a tour guide/ driver 

(The price of $135.00 is valid if we have a minimum of three passengers). Tour for two people each pay $185.00.  


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