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The Waterton Lake National Park, the only place on earth endowed with three titles : a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an International Peace Park, and a Biosphere Reserve. It is located 300 km away from Calgary, in the southwest.


The dramatic collision of prairies and mountains has forged a rich variety of landscapes. The grasslands, aspen groves, evergreen forests and alpine tundra are home to flora and fauna found nowhere else.

The smallest of our Rocky Mountain parks, Waterton is pleasantly free of crowds. Hit the trails and you’re likely to see more wildlife than people. Take in the remarkable view at the top of the Bear’s Hump. Soak up the sun on the beach at Upper Waterton Lake, or cruise across the water to another country and swap stories with new friends at the clubhouse restaurant.

Embrace the Rocky Mountain Winter in Waterton by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing along the snowy trails. Tobogganing and skating on a frozen mountain lake are true Alberta traditions. Experience the thrill of ice climbing and so much more. (


We make a stop at the Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site's Interpretative Center.

"This archaeologic site, know around the world, preserves the remarkable history of the Plains People

through the millennia. Because of their excellent understanding of the regional topography and bison

behaviour, the native people were able to hunt bison by stampeding them over a cliff. They then carved

up the carcasses and dragged the pieces to be butchered and processed in the butchering camp set up

on the flats beyond the cliffs". Tourism Alberta.

Prices: $150.00 by person based on three people.$185.00 by person based on two people. 

taxes is not included.

The National Parks Fee is included

Transportation and a tour guide/driver included

Buffalo Jump Interpretative center admission is not included



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